Profit System Pro

I'm about to hand you THE KEYS to...

   » Instantly attract and motivate affiliates 
   » Virally grow your membership or opt-in list 
   » Manage affiliates & commissions on autopilot 
   » Create "one time offers" to boost your profits 

Dear Friend,

I know what you're probably thinking right now... I hope this isn't ANOTHER hyped-up "amazing formula" in a box, that promises to make me money on the internet with little or no work...while I'm sleeping...

You're probably sick of those offers. Most of us have bought at least a few disappointing products that didn't live up to their claims. Even I know what it feels like to get suckered in by a slick internet advertisement.

Can I be transparent with you for a moment?

Let's be honest. Most of us want to believe the hype. I mean, when you're working so hard to make a living, and especially when you're struggling... it feels good to allow yourself to believe the hype for a moment because it gives you hope that there is an easier way out of your struggles, or a quicker route to your success.

Unfortunately, the higher you get your hopes up, the more it hurts when you discover the bitter truth that the product you just bought is just like the rest of the useless garbage you've downloaded to your hard drive.

Well guess what? This isn't going to be another one of those hyped up emotional sales letters designed to create false hope...

By the time you reach the bottom of the page, you'll probably be excited about what I'm sharing with you... but please realize that it's not because of any hyped up words on this page. It's because you'll have a genuine understanding about how this new program will impact your business and build your income.

Look. I'm not going to tell you that this new program will solve all your problems. I'm not going to tell you that it's the "best", or the "easiest" or the "only" way to be successful. I won't tell you it's the "greatest thing since sliced bread."

I'm simply going to tell you what it is, and how it works, and then I'll let you come to your own conclusion about how it will help your business.

Is that OK with you?

I'll also give you a few real-life testimonials so you can see what other people think about the program, and I'll even ask you a few questions along the way to help you decide if this program will truly help you. And again, I'm not going to tell you that you NEED to use this program.

Isn't this a refreshing approach?

Good. I hoped that it would be, because that's the way I like to be treated too...

"I don't mind someone sharing their enthusiasm about something they believe will help me, but I do mind if they try to cram it down my throat and tell me I'll be a loser for life if I don't buy it from them!"

So keeping that in mind...

First, let me introduce you to what this is all about...

Over the past year, there have been some major developments in the internet marketing world. Basically, what we've seen is a very small number of "guru" marketers who have taken certain techniques and used them to break away from the pack. These marketers are making incredible income, and building their businesses faster than ever...

Several of these men and women brought in high six-figure incomes last year, with some of them earning millions. Others are growing huge businesses and adding over 100,000 members to their opt-in lists in a matter of months.

I personally added several thousand members to my list, and made tens of thousands of dollars in the past few months as a direct result of the techniques and tools I'm going to expose to you today.

Would you like to join the elite group of marketers who are getting rich using these little-known techniques?

Remember what I said a few paragraphs ago? Instead of trying to "sell" you on this program with a page full of hype, I'm going to let the program speak for itself by revealing to you what it is and how it works. So let's jump right into it...

Profit System Pro What Is The Profit System Pro?

The Facts: The Profit System Pro is designed for online marketers, or anyone who intends to make money with their own product or membership website. It includes a site-building and management software program, and a complete user guide.

This program works for virtually anyone who has a product, service, or membership website.

The Profit System Pro will:

  • Motivate your visitors to join your list 
  • Motivate your prospects to buy now 
  • Motivate your customers to become affiliates 
  • Motivate your affiliates to promote your website 
  • Motivate your self to achieve your goals 


How Does This System Work?

The Facts: The Profit System Pro allows you to quickly integrate a complete marketing "backend" into your web site. This backend management includes:

  • affiliate program management
  • payment processor integration
  • opt-in lead management
  • autoresponder and mass mail
  • product management
  • one-time-offer generator
  • product fulfillment/download
  • and more...


  • Multiple Payment Processors

    The Facts: Offering multiple payment methods has been proven to increase sales. However, most affiliate programs limit you to one payment processor.

    Our system allows you to use virtually any payment processor, such as PayPal, ClickBank, Authorize, 2checkout, WorldPay, Moneybookers, and more. You can use any or all of them for any product. For example, if you're selling a ClickBank product, now you can offer multiple payment options without your ClickBank affiliates losing commissions.


    payment processors
    Instant Split Payments

    The Facts: The system allows you to enable "instant split" commissions for your affiliates (for PayPal or

    When a visitor arrives to your site by clicking on an affiliate link, the program will automatically split the payment when the visitor orders. For example, if you choose to offer 50% commission, then half of the payment will go to you and half of it will instantly go to the affiliate. You can set any commission percentages. This technique has been proven to drive affiliate sales and stimulate viral growth.


    split commissions

    Your Affiliate Team Grows Virally

    The Facts: You can choose to make your affiliate program private, or to automatically enroll all new members into it. With this option, new members will be presented with their personal affiliate link when they opt-in or order.

    This is a highly motivational technique, because a new member can begin promoting their link immediately and get paid instantly for any sales. You can also add promotional materials (like banners, ad copy, sample emails, etc) to the member area to make it easy for affiliates to promote your site.


    viral growth

    As you can imagine, this technique can grow your site rapidly, as new members are effortlessly converted into affiliates who in turn bring in more members...

    Build A Huge Opt-in List

    The Facts: You can use the system to offer free memberships in order to build your opt-in list. For example, you can use it to give away a free report, or register new members for a newsletter.

    Each member is added to the database and becomes a part of your opt-in list. The program has a built-in autoresponder to email the members pre-written responses, or to broadcast email them at any time.

    We have also integrated 3rd-party autoresponder capability, so you can use the system in conjunction with any existing list at many autoresponder companies.


    You can use the built-in autoresponder, or use the system in conjunction with any 3rd-party autoresponders that enable scripted subscriptions via email (many of them do).

    Boost Your Profits With
    "One Time Offers"

    The Facts: You can use the system to create One Time Offers (OTO's), which are automatically presented to visitors after they purchase an item, or join for free.

    The use of OTO's is totally optional, but we highly recommend it. The "big time" marketers have discovered that this technique boosts profits in a huge way. Our user guide explains how to make your OTO irresistible.

    Likewise, OTO's are perfect for free membership or "giveaway" sites. You will maximize the growth of your list by offering something for free, and at the same time you'll generate income from new members who purchase the OTO. When coupled with the split commission affiliate program, it creates a viral effect in which affiliates will promote your free giveaway, thus causing your list to multiply even faster.

    "One Time Offer" Case Study

    I personally was selling an ebook on ClickBank that was doing pretty well. It was consistently ranked in the top 5 of it's category for a year, and it was bringing me income each month.

    I decided to pull it off the ClickBank market, and give it away for free instead. I simply required visitors to opt-in to my newsletter before downloading, and I presented them with a special OTO after they signed up.

    My profits from the OTO equaled what I had been making from ClickBank, but the difference is now almost everyone who visits my site also opts into my newsletter, and many become affiliates. While the immediate profit is the same, the long-term benefits are huge.

    BOTTOM LINE: This system allows you to do what the big time marketers are doing, without spending a fortune on custom programming and expensive software!


    "I can definitely see how this can change the way many marketers do business online"

    All I can say is bravo!

    You're absolutely right, I can definitely see how this can change the way many marketers do business online.

    I've been no less than impressed with the systems and products you've come out with in the past, and by far this is the MOST creative thing I've seen you come up with yet!

    Fantastic Idea.

    - Scott Foster

    "What A Marketing Idea That Will Even Get A Couch Potato Motivated"

    Lets say You have made Our Day...What a Marketing idea that will even get a Couch Potato Motivated...We're Talking Power Tools and Great Eric Tips. You always Amaze Us...You're a True Master of how to get the Job done...Good Luck and Best Wishes in the Future

    Thanks for Helping Us

    - Jer & Sooz
    JerSooz Enterprises

    "I have more than doubled my sales!"

    I have more than doubled my sales and I have gained 22 new affiliates that are selling my products for me at

    Thank you very much!

    - Ryan Bessling

    "With all due respect, are you insane?!"


    After wasting two months trying to get someone elses software to work, this has come along at the right time - and at the right price too.

    With all due respect, are you insane?!

    Thanks guys, now I can start marketing my ebooks and software on steroid-fueled autopilot.

    Roger Davis

    "This has potential to take my business over the top!"

    This is the most incredible package ever! I've seen a lot of b*llsh*t products and this one is not one.

    This has potential to take my business over the top.


    - Michael Ferris

    "The Profit System Pro is just what we were looking for plus a whole lot more!"

    We were looking for something that would give us just a little bump to get past our competition. Well, we FINALLY found it.

    The Profit System Pro is just what we were looking for plus a whole lot more. I honestly think you are crazy for selling it at this price !!

    Gary & Jeanette Gross

    "I was wondering how to do this without spending a fortune and then BAM! Along comes Profit System Pro!"

    All I can say is your Profit System Pro is Amazing, Amazing.... being able to compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost is FABULOUS !!

    I fully intend to use this for tons of products on multiple web sites. I was wondering how to do this without spending a fortune and then BAM ! Along comes Profit System Pro...

    Thanks again,

    - Harry Crowder

    "This is going to help so many people get their websites set up for the best possible opt in conversion rates and sales rates."

    Wow, I'm impressed with what you have put together! This is going to help so many people get their websites set up for the best possible opt in conversion rates and sales rates.

    I really liked your 58 page Profit System Pro marketing Guide and blew through it as soon as I had downloaded your package. Really great information you have shared in there that will help everyone to become more successful marketers.

    Great job!

    Warm Regards,
    Jeremy Gislason

    Will the Profit System Pro help YOUR business?

    Please answer these questions...

  • Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your affiliate program and commissions?

  • Is your program losing momentum, with dwindling sales, because your affiliates are simply not promoting any more?

  • Do you not have an affiliate program? (ouch)

  • Are you limiting your customers and affiliates to one payment processor?

  • Would you like to increase the sales of your product or service?

  • Are you building an opt-in list, or would you like to build one?

  • Are you struggling to get new members for your opt-in list, or membership site?

  • Would you like to boost your profits by incorporating One Time Offers after you make a sale, or during the opt-in process?

  • Would you like to establish yourself as a well-known internet marketer?

    If you answered "Yes" to ANY of these questions, then I believe the Profit System Pro will help you crank up your sales, grow your list, and build an army of affiliates.

    Let's See How The Profit System Pro Stacks Up Compared To Other Programs On The Market...

    *Brand names are not mentioned because I'm not a competition basher, but I assure you these ARE real products...

  • Products →
    ↓ Features                          
    Profit System Pro
    Fully customizable templates No Yes Yes Yes
    Can Split PayPal payments No Yes Yes Yes
    Can Split payments No No No Yes
    Choose who is paid first in split N/A Yes No Yes
    Integrate ClickBank products Yes No No Yes
    Use Any Payment Processor Yes No No Yes
    2-Tier Affiliate Program Yes No Yes Yes
    "User friendly" Affiliate URL's No Yes No Yes
    Add unlimited products Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Install on unlimited websites Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Option to redirect successful payments to any thank-you URL Yes Yes No Yes
    Built-in autoresponder Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Supports 3rd party autoresponders No No Yes Yes
    Validates email to stop spammers from exploiting the script No No Yes Yes
    Allow free signups to build your opt-in list Yes No Yes Yes
    Create One Time Offers No No Yes Yes
    PRICE: $97.00 $147.00 $1497.00 Special Today!

    As you can see, The Profit System Pro stacks up well against the competition. Let's take a more detailed look at some of the great features you'll enjoy with our program...

    TickTemplate Based System

    » No complicated code to edit, just use your existing HTML.
    » Your site can be totally unique. There is no "footprint" from the software.
    » Easily customize any page or email.

    Tick Supports Unlimited Number of Products

    » You can sell any number of products and services.
    » No need to install on multiple servers!
    » You can install it on multiple domains if you wish to run your sites separately.

    Tick Supports Multiple Payment Processors

    » Use any payment processor that will return a successful payment to a URL.
    » Use any combination of processors (one, two, or all of them).
    » Affiliate gets credit regardless of which payment method the customer uses.

    You can redirect successful payments to your member area within the system, or to any download URL of your choice.

    "Worth it's weight in gold."

    This is not just the best since sliced bread, it is the best since bread was invented. Worth it's weight in gold.


    Harry Taylor

    Tick Fully Customizable Commission System

    » Set any commission percentage for each product.
    » Each product can have a different commission rate.
    » You can have 2 tiers (optional). Affiliates can sign up sub-affiliates, and get paid a percentage of commission on their sub-affiliate's sales.
    » Each product can have one or two tiers.

    Tick Instant Split Payments

    » Just enter your payment details and the program does the rest.
    » You can use PayPal,, or both.
    » Choose who is paid first - you or the affiliate!
    » If an affiliate does not have an account with a certain processor, that option will not appear
    on the page to their referrals (they don't have to worry about losing commissions).

    What's so great about using instant split payments?

    While it's optional, we recommend using this feature because it's one of the most powerful parts of the program. When using it, your affiliates get paid instantly.

    Since they are rewarded immediately for every sale they refer, affiliates are motivated to keep promoting your product! Meanwhile, new members are effortlessly converted into new affiliates, which ensures your site will continue to grow in size and profitability on autopilot.

    Why do so many affiliates prefer this system?

    To answer that question, let's look at it from an affiliate's point of view for a moment...

    Other Programs: They have to wait weeks and often months to get paid after making a sale.
    Instant split: They get paid instantly!

    Other Programs: They may have to ask for commissions because they're not getting paid.
    Instant split: They get paid right during the sale, so they don't have to worry about it.

    Other Programs: Complex commission plans and extra fee structures make things confusing.
    Instant split: They get paid the percentage during the transaction, so they know it's fair.

    Other Programs: Buyers will hijack the affiliate link to keep commissions for themselves.
    Instant split: The owner can set it so that only customers or pre-approved members can join affiliate program.

    If an affiliate had to choose between two products to promote...

    One of them pays the commissions in a few weeks, and the other pays instantly...

    Most affiliates will probably choose the opportunity to be paid NOW!

    Tick Customizable Affiliate Program

    » You can restrict the affiliate program to only paid customers. This eliminates commission hijacking.
    » Or you can allow anyone to sign up as an affiliate.
    » You can also manually add affiliates at any time.
    » You can set it differently for each product.
    » Built-in fraud detection system to prevent cheating on affiliate commissions (Customer cannot order from their own affiliate link)
    » View affiliate statistics within your admin panel.

    Tick Marketing Materials for Your Affiliates

    » You can add marketing materials like emails and banners to the member area for your affiliates. This helps them get started promoting your site right away.
    » Marketing materials are automatically branded with each affiliate's link, so all they need to do is copy and paste.
    » Providing pre-built marketing material to your affiliates is a huge technique used by the big dog marketers. Don't just give them an affiliate link and tell them to go sell! Give them an arsenal to promote your product.

    "It automates all my time-consuming chores, so I can focus on what I do best."

    The Profit System Pro is exactly what I have been looking for -- at an affordable cost -- for years!

    It automates all my time-consuming chores, so I can focus on what I do best -- creating the ideas and products.

    I love this tool!

    Nancy Boyd
    Bright Wings, Inc.

    Tick "User Friendly" Affiliate URL's

    » Many affiliate management programs generate long and ugly affiliate links.

    Example of some other programs:

    Our system creates affiliate links that look like:

    » It's been tested and shown that visitors are more likely to click on a link that doesn't look like an affiliate link or advertisement.
    » User-friendly URL's are also safer from spyware or ad-blockers, which may strip the affiliate ID out of URL's with question marks in them.

    Tick Built-in Autoresponder

    » Unlimited number of follow-up emails for each product
    » Automatically send a thank-you or instructional email upon successful purchase or signup (optional).
    Numerous studies have shown that a customer who buys a product from you is most likely to buy from you again. Using an autoresponder allows you to build a relationship with the customer and market other products to them, all on autopilot.

    Tick Third-Party Autoresponder Support

    » New customers or opt-in signups can be automatically added to your 3rd-party autoresponder.
    » This is very important if you plan on growing a large list, or doing a lot of broadcast emails. It is much less risky to use a 3rd party autoresponder.
    If you have an existing list, you can simply let the system automatically add new members to it.

    Tick Email Broadcast To Members

    » You can easily mass-email your list through the admin panel.
    » Each email can be personalized with the customer's name. Just use the built-in "Name" tag wherever you want their name to appear.
    » There are several different tags you can insert to personalize emails.
    » You can also choose to send an email to a single customer via the panel.

    Tick Create One Time Offers

    » Create a one time offer (OTO) to be displayed after any purchase or signup.
    » Each product can have a different OTO, or you can use the same OTO for each product.
    » OTO's can use the split payment system.
    » OTO's are optional, but we recommend using them, because it's one of the best ways to boost profits, and grow your affiliate team.
    » OTO's use the template system, so they are fully customizable, just like your sales page or signup page.

    Tick Unencrypted Source Code

    » If you're a programmer, you can customize the program.
    » Possibility to add additional features.
    No optimizer required to be installed on the server.

    System requirements: Linux/Unix server, PHP, ability to set permissions to 777 (read/write/execute).

    Attention: Please read carefully...

    The Profit System Pro is flexible. You control how you want to use it. As mentioned above, you get the complete source code, and the entire program is template-driven so you can customize any aspect of it including the way it looks.

    You buy it once and you can use it forever. No monthly payments. If you're like me, you don't want some software company to be in control of your viral campaigns. What happens if they want to dump you for whatever reason? Maybe they don't like the way you're using their program, or they want to limit the number of autoresponders you use. That's no excuse for dumping you out and banning you from using their software forever, right?

    So if you're like me, you want to be in complete control of your marketing software. Beware of buying certain marketing management software, which makes you dependent on the big companies who sell it at higher prices and with hidden restrictions on usage that may stop your parade. The Profit System Pro is yours to operate any way you want and you get all future updates free and clear to use as you like.

    Again, you can see that this program is packed with features to make your job easier. You can use this system to quickly develop a highly effective website, and run your affiliate program on autopilot while virally growing your customer database.

    If you're like me, you've probably looked at a viral website (likely one of the guru's) and wondered... how do they do that?

    That's certainly what I wanted to know after I saw how successful a small handful of marketers was becoming. Not only did I want to know how they did it, but I wanted to know exactly how I could do it too!

    Well now the secret is out, and the great thing is that you can adopt these marketing techniques and apply them to your site right now. Amazingly, you won't have to hire a freelance programmer, or bribe some guru to give you a copy of his software. All you need to do is plug in the Profit System Pro, set it up, and then let it do most of the work!


    "I can't believe the price of this system - AMAZING!"

    I can't believe the price of this system - AMAZING!

    I was ready to purchase a membership of a so called "Elite" marketing system for $1500 - You just saved me a ton - PLUS - this software will help me to now make tons of cash with my web marketing!


    Steve Meade

    "Profit System Pro is the best investment I've made this year."

    It's refreshing these days to find a software that does exactly what it's supposed to do, exactly what you want it to do, and doesn't cost $1000!

    I particularly like the option to choose between two-tier and instant affiliate payouts.

    Profit System Pro is the best investment I've made so far this year.

    Dan B. Cauthron

    Let's look at what you'll be getting with the Profit System Pro today...

    The Profit System Pro Software

    This is the main attraction; the powerful program that is going to revolutionize your business. Plug it in, and boost your profits by motivating your visitors, customers, and affiliates.

    If you join now, you will also receive free updates for the life of the program.

    Get motivated with the Profit System Pro!


    The Profit System Pro Marketing Guide

    Get the most out of your Profit System Pro software by following this simple step-by-step guide to success. You'll discover the secrets of growing a huge opt-in list, boosting your profits with one-time-offers, and more.

    Whether you're a new beginner or an experienced marketing professional, you'll find techniques to take your business to the next level.


    Bonus #1: The Product Creation System  $197 Value

    Almost all successful internet marketers have their own product. Would you like to discover how we create new products on a regular basis?

    This valuable resource reveals how to get ideas, and then develop those ideas into products quickly, any time!

  • Includes Master Resale Rights.


    Bonus #2: The Product Launch System  $197 Value

    After you've created your new product, it's time to launch it with a bang. Proper planning can put tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket every time you launch a new product.

    This system includes a specific step-by-step plan for making sure every launch is a success.

  • Includes Master Resale Rights.


    Bonus #3: The Backend Sales System  $197 Value

    If you don't have an effective backend sales strategy, then you're missing out on one of the most profitable and important aspects of marketing.

    This guide reveals exactly how to maximize your long-term profits by implementing a backend sales system that keeps making money forever.

  • Includes Master Resale Rights.

  • By now, I hope you see the value of this program, and how it can impact your business starting immediately. When it came down to choosing a price for this new program, we faced a dilemma...

    On the one hand, we don't want everyone to get their hands on this software. On the other hand, we do want to give a fair opportunity to those who take their business seriously but might be struggling on a tight budget.

    So here's what we've decided to do...

    As an introductory special, we're giving you the opportunity to pick up this program at a fraction of its value. Considering the features of this program, we could be selling it for over $500... but today you can have it for only $497 $147 $47.

    We know we are offering a tremendous bargain, and we believe that you will increase your profits by adding the Profit System Pro to your business.

    Only $47 today!

    Order Now

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    This is a one-time fee with no monthly costs!

    Order today before we raise price!

    YES, I want the Profit System Pro right now!

    I want to take advantage of this limited time offer!

    Yes, I want free updates for life.

    Order Now

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    Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Try it risk free today! We believe in this program so much that we're giving you the complete system with source code and all the bonuses at our risk, not yours!

    We're willing to do this because we believe it will truly help your business. If you're not satisfied with the program, just let us know within 56 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

    Thank you for taking the time to discover the Profit System Pro. You've seen how it will boost your sales, jumpstart your affiliate program, and grow your site on autopilot...

    The only thing left is for you to say "Yes" and take advantage of this incredible offer before it's gone. Your small investment today is a tiny price to pay for the future success of your business.

    To Your Success...

    Grid Marketing Team

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